Where to Play Tournament Poker

Even though poker cash games can be played legally in only two states, Nevada and New Jersey, there are several poker tournaments played around the United States with monetary awards. Every poker fan has heard of the World Series of Poker Tournament in Las Vegas, but they are not the only playing tournament played in the U.S. To play in the WSoP Main Event, players have to put down $10,000 to enter, or buy-in, the tournament. However, several other events cost less to buy-in, but the cash prizes are nowhere near the millions offered by the Main Event. If you don’t want to pony up $10,000, you can go to San Diego to play in the World Poker Tour’s Deep Stacks tournament. It takes play over four days at the end of October and players only need $1,100 to buy-in. The tournament offers $200,000 in guaranteed payouts.


The Pittsburgh Poker Open also takes place in October for those on the east coast wanting to play tournament poker. The main event buy-in is $1,100 and there are other smaller events as well, including a senior’s event. If you want to play somewhere warmer in the winter, head to Florida the second week in November for the bestbet Scramble in Jacksonville. The main event has a $5,000 buy-in with $1 million dollar guaranteed payout. For those living in the center of the country, there is a tournament in Iowa the first week of November called the Mid-States Poker Tour. It is played in Tama, IA and features a $300,000 guaranteed payout event for a $1,100 buy-in. Although most of these events are in the fall or early winter, tournament poker is available across the country during most of the year. There are several online poker websites that give information about poker tournaments.

Are Online Casino Games Difficult to Master?

Casino games which are found online are typically not difficult to master, as they are classic games which many people are already familiar with. Even if you don’t play roulette, craps, poker or other Sbobet Casino games on a regular basis, you’ll find that learning the ropes is really a total breeze.

After all, we live in the Internet Age and rules for classic casino games are everywhere. Just perform a simple Google search for your preferred casino game in order to read its definition (and to learn exactly how to play). In addition, most websites which offer these games do provide instructions to players. In most cases, these instructions offer enough guidance to make the learning curve very short.

That being said, some casino games which are located online will be more complicated than others. For example, poker has a level of complexity that online video slots games don’t have. If you want to excel at online poker, boning up on the game and how to utilize its rules (and certain gaming strategies) may give you an edge when you play the game online.